Our company has three production facilities designed for installation with a total area of ​​over 2000m ² and a height of more than 5m. They are equipped with cranes with a capacity of 25 000 kg, 12 500 kg and 5 000 kg. In one of the halls we have placed two chambers for gas […]


We offer carbon steel MIG-MAG welding and robotic welding. We have two ESAB weldingn semi-automats and one welding Kemppi semi-automat as well as Motoman robotic position. We perform fully cored wire and Ar/CO2 and Ar gas shielded welding. Welding range includes industrial OFFSHORE section in accordance with DNV, NORSOK and ISO 15614-1 standards. We weld […]


Our factory is equipped with modern, electronically controlled line for zinc and manganese phosphating (producing protective phosphate coating). It is an excellent form of corrosion protection and is an excellent base for the application of coatings and paint. During the process we use the highest quality Chemetall products , one of the leaders in the […]

Fluoropolymer coatings

Hydromechanika has a production line to guarantee the highest quality performance of anti friction, anti-corrosion and anti-adhesive coatings based on fluoropolymers such as Xylan or Molykote. The unique properties of this type of protections are used in many industries: machinery, chemical, agri-food, etc. in particular, for production of components exposed to salt water (off-shore), chemicals […]

Blasting, ball peening

Our factory is equipped with modern blasting and cleaning cabin to carry out operations of surface cleaning with all possible sharp-edged and spherical abrasives, of any granulation, such as: glass beads copper slag steel grit alumina We have calibrated and modern equipment to control the surface before and after cleaning, so that we are able […]


Hydromechanika has qualified and experienced staff in the field of epoxy painting. We specialize in painting according to NORSOK M-501 System 7 standard. The most popular coating products are Sigma Phenguard 930 and 935 by Sigma Coat and Marathon by Jotun. Distinctive features of epoxy coatings: Excellent adhesion to steel, Excellent corrosion resistance of components […]


Hydromechanika company is equipped with modern CNC-controlled machines for metal turning in grades IT6, IT7. In our portfolio we have both 2-axis lathes for machining rotating elements as well as 3-axis lathes with driven tools allowing axial and transverse drilling operations, front forming milling and 4-axis turning and milling CY system centers for executing full […]


Our company is equipped with modern CNC-controlled machines for milling in class IT6, IT7. In our portfolio we have both 3-axis and 4-axis machining centers in two systems: arranged vertically with controlled turntable, and horizontal palette centers with the fourth axis allowing to perform a full milling of geometrically sophisticated components and prismatic parts with […]