Hydromechanika has qualified and experienced staff in the field of epoxy painting.

We specialize in painting according to NORSOK M-501 System 7 standard.

The most popular coating products are Sigma Phenguard 930 and 935 by Sigma Coat and Marathon by Jotun.

Distinctive features of epoxy coatings:

Excellent adhesion to steel,

Excellent corrosion resistance of components exposed to seawater,

No shrinking,

Good insulation properties,

High content of solid elements,

Good resistance to impact and abrasion.

Hydromechanika has a production line to guarantee the highest quality performance of anti friction, anti-corrosion and anti-adhesive coatings based on fluoropolymers such as Xylan or Molykote.

The unique properties of this type of protections are used in many industries: machinery, chemical, agri-food, etc. in particular, for production of components exposed to salt water (off-shore), chemicals and other harsh conditions, as well as in case of the possibility of applying only “dry lubrication”. They perfectly improve the quality of all threaded connections and collaboration between sliding elements.

We coat the elements in a professional paint shop equipped with three heating furnaces that posses electronic monitoring systems and temperature recording. We have a full set of instruments for measuring and controlling the correctness of the execution of coatings such as:

Electronic thickness gauge,

Kits for adhesion testing (cross-cut test).

Our factory is equipped with modern, electronically controlled line for zinc and manganese phosphating (producing protective phosphate coating). It is an excellent form of corrosion protection and is an excellent base for the application of coatings and paint.

During the process we use the highest quality Chemetall products , one of the leaders in the industry.We provide complete control over the process by taking full control equipment for tanks, including reagents, indicators, ph-meters, etc.We are able to meet the most strict requirements of produced coating thickness and weight by using high-precision laboratory balance.

Our factory is equipped with modern blasting and cleaning cabin to carry out operations of surface cleaning with all possible sharp-edged and spherical abrasives, of any granulation, such as:

glass beads

copper slag

steel grit


We have calibrated and modern equipment to control the surface before and after cleaning, so that we are able to meet the most strict requirements of the surface preparation assessment in accordance with such standards as Norsok or ISO:

instruments to assess the degree of cleaned surfaces

instruments for the assessment of ionic impurities on the surface (Bresle set)

instrument to assess the degree of surface dust

electronic surface roughness tester, surface comparator and Testex set for the ribbon  roughness evaluation method

a set of instruments to assess weather conditions during grinding (thermometers, hygrometers, etc.)

set for testing  machined materials hardness in all available scales (HLD, HB, HRB, HRC, HV)