The overriding goal and condition of our activity is to understand the needs of our clients and other interested parties, high efficiency of operation and ensuring the highest quality of services provided with simultaneous care for the natural environment and occupational health and safety.

We successfully achieve our goals through:

– Implementation and use of modern technologies that are environmentally and work-friendly;

– Fulfilling the requirements and continuous improvement of the implemented Management Systems,

– Identifying and fulfillment of expectations of our clients and other interested parties,

– Improving employees’ qualifications and the feeling of job satisfaction.

– Compliance with legal requirements in the field of quality, environmental protection and identified environmental aspects, as well as occupational health and safety, welding and other legal provisions regulating the Company’s operations;

– Commitment of all employees and the Top Management in the continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety management system at each workplace.

– Preventing accidents at work, occupational diseases and near misses,

– Minimizing the negative impact on the environment by preventing pollution and reducing the amount of waste and resource consumption,

– Occupational safety achieved through training of own personnel and suppliers who implement processes together, so that only qualified people are present in the workplace;

The implemented and improved Integrated Management System is a guarantee of compliance with the adopted policy.